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December 26 2012 4 26 /12 /December /2012 09:52

Only if you are one of the millions of computer user, you must know that hard drive stores all your data that is saved to your computer. Solid state drive (SSD hard drive) is becoming the most popular factory-installed hard drive. SSDs looks exactly like HDDs on the outside, but they don't have much in common on the internal processes. SSD drive doesn't have a moving part which at the same time, standard hard drive has two magnetic and spinning plates. That is why SSD drive requires less power suply and runs faster to save data. What's more, SSD drives can read data directly so that the computers are able to boot up faster. So, how about upgrading to a solid state drive from a standard hard drive to make your computer run faster and convenient to use?

If you are interested in upgrading your Windows with a SSD drive, I'm here to recommend you one good choice to show you how brilliant a SSD drive it is. Look at the quick review for the OCZ Vector SSD drive.




The OCZ Vector SSD is good at performance and looks. It is fast, energy-efficient and good-looking. And it comes with cloning software and desktop accessories. However, hardware encryption is not supported. This is not a big deal. In a word, the OCZ Vector SSD drive will promote computer users from using a hard drive as the main drive of Windows operating system(Linux and Mac are also supported).

If you're looking for a fast SSD drive for your computer, be it running Windows OS or a Mac OS X, the OCZ Vector will be an excellent choice, as far as performance is concerned. And in energy usage, it works well under Windows and Mac OS.

SSD drives's prices continue to plunge over the pasr couple of years. And at the same time, SSD drives today are far more reliable, more energy-efficient and perform better than ever. And now, it is at prices from $150 to $185. That is the perfect time to upgrade your Windows os with a SSD drive!

If you already have a SSD drive on your computer, you may experience disaster and accident which may lead to data loss. If you happen to be in trouble of data loss on SSD drive, here is a SSD drive data recovery tutorial for you.


Time to Upgrade Your Windows with a SSD Drive


By the way, Tenorshare software is in Christmas promotion now till Jan 15th, 2013! There is up tp 70% discount off to get any software for data recovery, data backup, Windows password reset, iTunes data recovery, fix genius! Learn more information, please visit: http://www.any-data-recovery.com/promotion/christmas.html

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December 19 2012 4 19 /12 /December /2012 04:26

How can you recover data from hard drive that cannot be discovered by the machine? There are lots of procedures that may be followed in the process of recovering data coming from hard hard disks that can not be detected through the system. In the first place, one really should ensure the system identifies the hard disks before the process of data restoration can start. This 2 part process is frequently technical which is advisable top seek the particular intervention of professionals in the event the results can be positive.

There are many problems that could lead to the computer not detecting the hard disk drive that is actually connected into it. Some of the include the straightforward explanations like poor link or the existence of bad hard drive boards. These types of hard push boards reference the large circuit boards that are often located at the end of your drive. In some instances, the answer may be as simple as defective cables or incorrect pinafore settings. Over time, these planks often acquire damaged because of the quantity of hat that's generated from the hard push itself. In some instances, the hard disk may have been physically damaged or the actual electrical wires of the board may have short circuited. In these cases where the hard drive itself is faulty, after that there is generally need for any proper restoration procedure being performed as well as the lost data recovered from your hard drive in question. In the following paragraphs, we may explore some of the processes that may be used to recover data from hard drive that cannot be detected by the system or even the computer.



















The first process that individuals will take a look at is a simple 3 action process that can be used if the level of damage is not massive. Within this process, the first step is to produce a bootable Live boot Compact disk/DVD or USB that you may boot the hard drive. When the hard push has been spotted, it's simple to recover hard drive data that were lost easily using the hard drive recovery tools that are in industry.

You may also choose to utilize the hard drive data recovery tool that will be in the industry such since Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional. You can get it from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/datarecoveryprofessional.htm

This recovery tool relies on the wizard that allows you to select an alternative that finest describes your circumstances. In this kind of cases, you need to opt for complete restoration so that the wizard can certainly perform a deep scan that will assure most from the data that ha already been lost is recovered. In cases where the hard drive has been through physical harm, then there is a possibility that some from the parts with the hard push may need to be replaced through other the same parts before the process of hard drive recovery may commence.

Professionals in seo often suggest that these complicated procedures be performed simply by people having deep specialized skill of the whole process. This is really because, even although do this yourself internet sites and publications may have the whole method spelt away, the hard disk drive may have other problems in which such methods do not really anticipate. In this manner, the individual following these types of procedures might actually end upwards hurting the machine further as opposed to correcting the particular errors. In addition, most of those procedures don't rely on the performance associated with proper diagnostics by certified professionals. That said, it is essential to keep a record of things that have taken place up to the point of despair. This particular log typically helps the person performing the actual hard drive data recovery process to arrive at a correct diagnostic choice.

Resource from Most Effective Way to Recover Hard Drive Data When The Disk Not Detected




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October 22 2012 2 22 /10 /October /2012 04:28

How to do Mac data recovery?
Many people are advised that Apple computers are amazing reliable computers, but even the best computers at times have difficulties: be it a hard disk drive crash, Macintosh OS By problem, or perhaps a more substantial hardware failure, which would result inside terrible info loss. Using a reliable information recovery software program can make all the difference for recouping your information and regarding diagnosing or perhaps resolving problems. In this informative article, a great Mac hard drive recovery tool will be introduced for you.
If you intend to retrieve lost data from Mac hard drive by accidentally formatting that, just feel the tutorial to find the easiest technique to get them back.

Why people need to format Mac hard disk?
No issue you are a Mac user or Home windows user, I believe most individuals have the knowledge that shedding important photographs, documents, emails or movies. Seldom will we have the particular custom which backing upward important information. In Macintosh OS, there's a Disk Power tool which usually enables you to definitely format easily by pressing "Erase" loss after indicating the drive, its structure and name.
People do format upon various reasons such since: to arrange the size of disk partitioning, delete worthless data upon hard push, get gone deadly computer virus, replace broken file method, reinstall operating system, etc. In fact, this procedure is harmful for dropping data permanently.

Is that possible to recover Mac data?
You should know what can happen following formatting your hard generate. When you format the hard drive; back links between index and file are removed. The data files are still stored upon formatted hard disk drive but inaccessible and unseen. Therefore, you'll be able to recover the actual formatted data files from Macintosh as extended as the first files are not overwritten simply by other files. If you would like to get the actual lost files back, it is recommended to stop making use of file program any more but to finding a specialist data restoration tool.

Mac data recovery software is the greatest choice to recuperate lost data from Mac hard screw these circumstances:
•     Empty Rubbish
•     Format hard disk drive without back up by blunder.
•     Lose info after system restore
•     Doing wrong functions on the existing partitions, that causes the division table ruined.
•     The hard drive logical is corrupted and the data is unable to access.
•     The hard drive is inaccessible due to the virus attacks.

How to recover Mac files back?
Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac is built to recover dropped files coming from formatted/corrupted/damaged partitions. With it, you can easily recover the lost photos, pictures and documents.
It may recovering mac hard push and recover mac partition with sophisticated Mac hard disk drive data recuperation software. And also this will easily recover erased macintosh data files emptied from your Macintosh Rubbish Bin, or perhaps lost as a result of format of Mac hard drive.

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August 2 2012 5 02 /08 /August /2012 06:18

The definition of FAT file system

According to Wikipedia: “File Allocation Table (FAT) is a computer file system architecture now widely used on many computer systems and most memory cards, such as those used with digital cameras. FAT file systems are commonly found on floppy disks, flash memory cards, digital cameras, and many other portable devices because of their relative simplicity. FAT was also commonly used on hard disks throughout the DOS and Windows 9x eras, but its use on hard drives has declined since the introduction of Windows XP, which primarily uses the newer NTFS.”

You may lose FAT data cause by:
FAT Partition corruption and Partition resizing
System or Software malfunction
Incomplete or unsuccessful repartitioning of hard drive
FAT File System damaged
File/directory deletion
Accidental format, Hard drive formatting
Boot Sector corruption, unexpected shutdown
MBR (Master Boot Record) damage
Cross linked files
Virus infection, Power Surges
Human errors, Windows operating system sabotage


What you need to recover Data

When you inadvertently lose your data from FAT-based operating system on your Windows computer, you need to choose a useful FAT data recovery software to help you get out of the dilemma. Tenorshare Data Recovery is a light-weight yet powerful solution that enables you to recover data from deleted, formatted, corrupted FAT partition, hard drive, external USB drive. It works well with FAT 12/FAT 16/FAT 32. What’s more, it empowers you to restore, backup partition table when your partitions was deleted, formatted, corrupted or lost.


Follow the easy directions to learn how to operate it.

Step 1: Download this FAT Recovery tool, install and launch it.

Step 2: Choose the recovery mode – “Deleted Recovery” or “Formatted Recovery” based on the reason why you lose your data.

Step 3: Choose the disk you lose the files, and then click “Scan”. For “Formatted Recovery”, you need do one more step—choose FAT as your formatted file system.

Step 4: In the tree-like list, pick the files you would like to recover by ticking the boxes in front of the file information lines.

Step 5: Click “Recover” and specify the location on your PC’s hard drive or portable media.

Step 6: Click “OK” to finish your actions.


Warm tips:

Never download and install your program on the partition where you lost your data.

Never save your recovered files on this partition too.

It is highly recommended to back up your crucial data on online storage service, external drives.

If have already accidently lost them, try FAT Data Recovery Software.

For Mac data recovery, Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac can help you recover your lost data from FAT file system hard drive on a Mac PC.




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July 23 2012 2 23 /07 /July /2012 10:12

“I need to convert this external USB HD somehow. There are videos and pictures of my son on there. He passed away at 5 years old, just 7 months ago. What is the best raw recovery software to help me? I am too scared to send it in service center because I am afraid that they would probably mess it up. Please help me. This would be a big peace of my son. I am so sad about this and I just lost those data for no reason. When I connected it with computer, it just said Raw and I didn’t do anything with it since. What is the best software to recover my 2TB hard drive that went showed ‘Raw’.



Have you ever encountered with similar problem? When you try to access data from your computer hard drive, are there times when the data are inaccessible? In such situations, your hard drive is shown as RAW. The properties of the drive often show 0 bytes. While actually there were plenty of photos, videos or documents and programs on there before. Soon, once you come across those problems, a small window interface will pop out. Following are the common error messages on the popped interface.


1. “Invalid media type reading drive. Abort, Retry, Fail?”

2. "The disk in drive (X) is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"

3. "Sector not found".

4. The file names contain very strange characters.

5. “The type of the file system is RAW. CHKDSK is not available for RAW drive”.


Among all the error messages when you cannot access to the data on your hard drive or external hard drive, "The disk in drive (X) is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" is the commonest. Now, I am ready to take this as an example to discuss how to recover Raw drive data.

recover-hard-drive-data.jpg Keep in mind: Firstly, always do not format the inaccessible drive when you see the warning “The disk in drive (X) is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" If you do, then to recover the raw data successfully can be very complicated and to a great extent, it’s impossible for you to restore those data again. Secondly, do as the mother did who posed the question in the first paragraph of this article. She didn’t do anything with the raw drive since problems occurred. Because in this situation, if you continue to write new data into the drive, then those new data will overwrite the raw data, therefore, to retrieve those raw data turns impossible.


Without doing anything to the raw drive, then we try to start recovery by using a raw recovery tool. You may be at loss with so many tools online. Which one could fit me most on earth? Here I will recommend you Tenorshare Data Recovery software, if you are seeking for a professional tool with capability of complete recovery within limited time. Next, let’s learn how to recover drive data with this software.


Step1. Free download Tenorshare Data Recovery software and install it properly. (For Mac users, you can get Mac data recovery software-Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac.)


Step2. Select “Raw Recovery”. Choose a partition or disk which you cannot access to the data on, then click “Scan” to start scanning.


Step3. In the “Found Files List” column, you will see all the files listed there with specific header signature, click the ones you want to recover. In addition, before recovery, this raw recovery software can allow you to preview files. After you select all the files to recover, then click “Recover” to start recovering.


Step4. Until here, you have almost finished all the procedures, one more thing remained for you is to select a storage path, finally click “OK” to complete recovery. Note: the successfully recovered raw data are suggested to place in another place as long as it is different from the original one.


Article Source:

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July 21 2012 7 21 /07 /July /2012 04:30

When I click the drive directory, it says the file system cannot be recognized and needs reformatting. On disk management the whole drive partition just shows as 1862.36gb RAW file system health partition.

When you try to access data from a partition or storage media, you may see the prompt that "The disk in drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?". In this occasion, even if we do not delete or format them, our important files are gone. Where are the files? Can we get them back? Before we solve the problem, let's see what is raw file system first.


What is raw file system?

As a computer user, we all know that FAT and NTFS are the regular file system of Windows operating system. Raw file system is an error file system which causes a lot of problems and makes files inaccessible. When the file system of a hard drive is shown as Raw, possible symptoms are:

File system is displayed as "RAW".

File names contain "weird" characters.

When you access files, it will warn "Sector not found".

You will be reminded of "Disk is not formatted. do you want to format now?"


Raw file recovery option in following cases:

Raw recovery doesn't mean recovering partition or file system itself. It means recovering files from raw partition or raw file system. In these two cases, you can consider to choose the raw recovery:

File system data structures of a drive have suffered serious corruption or overwriting and data recovery software cannot scan such drives.

Recently deleted files are not recovered because of severe fragmentation, which is a common problem in FAT file system drives.


How to recover Raw Drive data?

Tenorshare Data recovery is a professional raw data recovery software which can effectively and safely perform raw file recovery to recover lost files from raw file system USB flash drive, external hard drive, partitions on your PC. (For Mac users, you can try Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac. )

Step 1. Install the program on your PC. In order to avoid overwriting original data, I strongly recommend you to install it on different partition instead of the raw partition. Then choose the "Raw Recovery" mode.

Step 2. The partition of your computer and media storage drive will be scanned and listed in the panel. Choose the raw drive where your lost file located. Then click "Scan" to scan the lost files.

Step 3. The results for raw recovery will be listed according to the file formats. Select the target data and click "Recover" to proceed to destination selection interface.

Step 4. Select a path folder to save your recovered files. And click “OK” to finish raw data recovery. Please do not save your files into the Raw drive or partition in case it might overwrite the files you want to recover.


At last, after raw drive recovery, you have to format the raw drive to get it fixed. One more tips for you, unplugging any hardware from your computer without “safely remove the hardware” is one of the most common reason that the file system of your portable device got corrupted and turn into raw file system. So, whenever you use your USB devices, remember to remove it with safely remove hardware option.


Article Resource:


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June 18 2012 2 18 /06 /June /2012 11:34

Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac is released by Tenorshare Inc., to meet the increasing need for users from worldwide to recover lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible data as well as repair damaged or corrupted partition on Mac os X based computer, hard drive, USB flash drive, etc. Data Recovery for Mac is a both professional and reliable solution to data recovery, based on the advanced technology of Data Recovery for Windows, this Mac version cannot only support running on all Mac-based operating systems including the latest version Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, but also recover or repair data with all Windows file system (FAT12/16/32, NTFS) and Linux file system (EXT2, EXT3). And it can also recover lost, deleted photos, videos, documents and songs from iPhone, iPod, iPad when they have been synced with iTunes.


Some of the highlights of Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac are:

1. Supports Mac OS X 10.3 versions and above including the latest Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

2. Restore lost, deleted, or formatted data as well as lost or deleted partition from Mac based on hard drive.

3. Recover data from many multiple-media devices such as external hard drives, USB flash drive, memory cards, digital cameras, iPod, iPhone etc.

4. Supports to recover over 50 different image, document and video & music file formats like JPG, JPEG, MP4,AVI, MOV, MP3, DOC, ELSX etc.

5. Intuitive interface with four recovery modes divided makes users easily perform targeted data recovery.

6. Both trial and full versions allow users to preview all the recoverable image files before actual recovery.

7. 100% secure and no risk for data loss or damage. It’s a professional Mac data recovery software app.


Pricing and availability

This software is competitively priced at $59.95 USD only. And you can directly get its trial and full versions from its official website.


About Tenorshare Inc.

Tenorshare Inc. is the leading multimedia and PC utility software provider who is dedicated to developing excellent tools in data recovery services. Over years of development, now Tenorshare proudly owns satisfied customers across America, Europe, Asia and South Africa. If you are interested in such a Mac data recovery program, you can get more information at its official website: http://www.any-data-recovery.com/.


Useful Links:

Product webpage: http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/datarecoveryformac.htm

Download link:



Contact Information:

Company: Tenorshare Inc.

Website: http://www.any-data-recovery.com

Email: support@any-data-recovery.com




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June 18 2012 2 18 /06 /June /2012 11:30

Are you in trouble of data loss?

People work with computer easy, communicate with each other via mobile phone conveniently, take pictures and record videos to hold our wonderful moment in our life. But data loss happens a lot.

>>Deleted folder or files and emptied the trash on your Mac OS X based on PC?

>>Deleted all photos and videos on your Canon/Nikon/Sony camera or Samsung Galaxy / HTC Incredible / iPhone 4 S mobile phone by mistake?

>>Formatted external hard drive or USB flash drive but want to get your documents back?

>>Lost data on your USB flash drive or external hard drive after you forget to safely eject it from your PC? Get back your data with this recovery software.

>>”memory card not formatted, do you want to format it now?” When syncing your camera with PC, such error message come up, how to recover your pictures, videos on it?

>>Restored your iPod Touch into factory settings because it stuck in recovery mode, but all your music files are gone! How to recover your songs?


It is heart-breaking to losing your priceless documents, photos, videos and music files. But don’t worry if you have encountered such data loss situations above. Only a few clicks on a data recovery software application launching on your computer, you can get your data back!


Easy, Efficient Data Recovery on Mac & Windows

Tenorshare Data Recovery is such a professional yet easy-to-use mac data recovery program that can recover your deleted, formatted, lost and inaccessible data from Windows OS and Mac OS based on computer or laptop, USB flash drive, external hard drive, mobile phone, digital camera, iPod,  iPhone, iPad, MP3/ MP4 player, and other storage media.


This data recovery program has two versions for all computer users, Tenorshare Data Recovery for Windows and Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac. Windows version is compatible with Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/7 and Mac version is able to recover data on Mac OS X 10.3 and above including the latest Mac OS X 10.7 based on PC.


Recover Now

Thanks to Mother’s Day, Tenorshare give away promotions from now to Jun. 25, 2012. You can get any Tenorshare Data Recovery software with up to 64% discount off and save up to $110! If you are in trouble of data loss, why not give it a shot! Don’t hesitate and Recover your files Now!


Data Recovery for Windows: http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/datarecoveryprofessional.htm

Data Recovery for Mac: http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/datarecoveryformac.htm


For More Information:


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April 18 2012 4 18 /04 /April /2012 11:11


In these years, people are getting more and more popular to use external hard disk drive to store important data to avoid losing it. Western Digital is one of the popular external hard drive manufacturers. It is crucial to make backup for files you can’t afford to lose, in order to make sure when data loss happens to your PC, you can get all your important data back. Take usage of an external hard drive is essential since not only its function to make backup for data on it but its portability as well.


It is a nightmare for one of million computer users if data saved on their external hard drive gone missing or got corrupted. At some points, you may need to format or delete a partition on your external HDD, but people would format or delete the wrong partition by mistake due to carelessness then later realize your data was erased. In addition, virus attack, power failure or partition corruption, etc. make your data loss.


External Hard Drive Data Loss Caused By:

File or partition deletion

Formatting partitions

Lost Partition structure

Virus Infection


Damaged / Overwritten MFT

Bad Sectors

Dropped cracked casing

Power failure, Wrong operations, etc.


Nevertheless, when you are in need of external hard drive data recovery, in comparison towards complex and money-consuming data recovery service offered by some data recovery company, using data recovery software must be the best and efficient method to recover external hard drive data. No matter data loss was caused by human error or the effort of a hacker, data recovery software can recover your content on the external HDD successfully with ease.  Here list some professional data recovery program for you, Tenorshare Data Recovery (For Windows), Card Data Recovery for Mac.


If you actually have to repair your external hard drive which damaged by mechanical cause, you can send it without having to send your whole PC. (If you think there is something wrong with your Western Digital hard drive, you can return it to Western Digital provided that it is still under warranty. They may be able to replace your hard drive and assist you with any other data recovery that you may need to recover your files.) There are various ways to backup your data, and to be able to recover it later on, you need to know first how to prepare for disaster. So, Do remember to make backups for your external HDD data regularly.


Now worry about external hard drive recovery any more today. Data recovery tool will help not only recover external hard drive files you lost, but also retrieve your peace of mind.




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March 6 2012 3 06 /03 /March /2012 11:22

While external hard drive brings us great convenience in our daily life, it also brings unpredictable risk. Why? External hard drive contains lots of important data, personal or business. When the hard drive stops working or gets accidentally erased, it often brings great trouble to users. Luckily, there are ways available for external hard drive data recovery in many cases.


Retrieving data from external hard drive is not as difficult as many people thought. Read the tutorial below to see how to recover data from external hard drive.


First of all, stop using the external hard drive immediately.

When data is lost, the space used to store data are normally not erased, the system will mark the space as free to use. If new data are written onto the external hard drive, the new data may overwrite the space of lost data, which will make them unrecoverable.


Connect the external hard drive to computer and download data recovery program

Connect external hard drive through a USB port as you normally do, then go to Windows Explorer ( Computer ), and check whether the external hard drive is shown as a drive letter. Purchase or download external hard drive recovery software Tenorshare Data Recovery.


Scan the external hard drive for recoverable files

When you open Tenorshare Data Recovery, you will see a list of drives, select the external hard drive, then press 'Next'. Tenorshare Data Recovery will start scan the external hard drive for recoverable files.


Recover lost files from external hard drive

After scan compeleted, ou can see a list of recoverable files. You can select files you want to recover, and then press Recover button to start recovering the files.


There are some external hard drive data recovery software available for your choices. You can search it on the internet to get another one. But whenever you choose a data recovery tool, download it firstly and scan your external hard drive to preview whether it can do as it claims. One more tips, if your hard drive was badly physical damaged and it can’t be recognized by your PC any more, then it is probably dead. And your data can’t be recovered by any software.


Article Resource:


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